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6 Top Benefits of Being a Self-Published Author

Self-publishing can have many benefits for authors, including:

  1. Control: Self-publishing allows authors to have full control over the creative process, including the cover design, formatting, and content of the book.

  2. Speed: The process of self-publishing is generally faster than traditional publishing.

  3. Higher royalties: Self-published authors typically earn a higher percentage of royalties on each book sold compared to traditionally published authors.

  4. Access to global market: Self-publishing enables authors to reach a global audience through platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, which makes their books available to readers around the world.

  5. Flexibility: Self-publishing allows authors to release their work in a variety of formats, including e-books, print books, and audiobooks.

  6. Direct connection with readers: Self-publishing enables authors to connect with readers directly, which can be especially beneficial for building a fan base and promoting future books.

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