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I started my very first bicycle tour from Cheshire. Bad weather, new muscles, and bike problems


My first country from home. Great weather, lovely people, and a bicycling tourists starter country


Spain was really tough, as I chose to go right through the middle from San Sebastian to Valencia through Madrid

France 2

+ Monaco

Only in Monaco for an hour as I cycled from Southern France to Italy


Italy proved challenging in so many ways, as I cycled the coast from Southern France to Naples


Greece was my second favourite country to cycle. The people, food, landscapes, stunning


Loved the South Coast. Turkey has been my favourite cycle 


Cycling from Mumbai to Goa was great, although super hot and humid in the monsoon season


The rainy season in Thailand didn't stop me from taking on this amazing and very different rural tour


Thailand 2

Thailand was something really special, I wasn't really impressed with Laos, but maybe I didn't give it a chance

Vietnam 2

This second leg of Vietnam see's me reaching the coast down from Saigon, then along to the Cambodia border


Cambodia seemed much poorer than Thailand on first entering, but the smiles seemed much bigger

Thailand 2

Back in Thailand after crossing from Cambodia's southern most border crossing. Loving Thailand.


Arriving in Vietnam and I wasn't impressed, but lest see how it goes