• Stephen Peel

Schwalbe Marathon Supreme Evolution Review

Updated: 4 days ago

Not having a clue what a good tyre was for cycle touring, I just took what came with my touring bike at purchase. Those tyres were Schwalbe Marathon Supreme Evolution.

Deeper tread can also mean more chance of getting a puncture because what I did notice was that when I did hit a nut or object on the road, it would be forced out to the side or fold over.

If the object would have encountered a groove in a tread, it may well have been forced to go straight into the tyre. Well, that’s just my opinion. I always kept the tyres pumped up solid too.

After nearly 9000 km’s and 12 countries in all kinds of conditions through Europe and Asia, I lost 3 tyres to side walls ripping out of the rim and bubbling.

I had a total of 8 punctures, meaning eight tubes as I don’t repair, just replace with new ones.

I will now be cycling from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam through the Mekong Delta to the coast, along the coast to Cambodia and along Cambodia’s coastline. Then into Thailand for more coastal.

Seashell shards and broken bottles will be thick on the ground no doubt, as well as soft sands on the pathways and roads. I really don’t want to continue with the Supreme’s.

I wanted something a little tougher with more puncture resistance and a little more tread. I have gone with a pair of Marathon Plus’s 700x45’s, and we’ll see how they go.

How were the Pluses?

Well, the new Marathon Plus tyres were quite extraordinary.

The first thing I noticed was how heavy they were. The Supremes folded and didn’t have the puncture resistance of the Plus’s, and they felt so much heavier. The tread was much deeper than on the Supremes, and the rolling was much worse, but, I didn’t have a single puncture for a couple of thousand punctures, and I went over broken bottles and myriad seashell shards.

It was more of a workout turning the wheels when riding, but I had the peace of mind that I wouldn’t get a puncture, or at least I stood less of a chance of getting one.

If I could get access to the Supremes as I travelled, I would have stuck to them, but because getting great tyres wasn’t always easy, I would go with Plus’s from day one on any other adventure.