Cycling Around the World

Image by Stephen Peel

How am I funding this you ask

Sell things

Like everything I have ever done or had, I have done it all myself, my own way. No handouts or rich family, just hard work and determination.

To keep costs down so I can travel for longer, I will wild camp as often as I can, keep away from restaurants and bars as much as possible, and eat as cheaply but as wholesomely as I can too of course. I know what your thinking "yeah right" :). Ok, so a few pizzas, bars, restaurants, and a few luxuries from time to time will stop me from going crazier than I am already. 

Flying between countries over oceans, I may have to travel Business Class instead of First Class :) In my dreams. If there is something less than Economy Class I will be flying that! I will also be looking at getting on some commercial shipping if its cheaper than flying over oceans, although I do get seasick pretty easily.

Helping out as I go

A lifetime in the building industry has given me the skills to do almost anything, so if I can help people out as I go to cover my bed and food for a night here and there or even longer, then that would be a huge help. It would also mean I might be able to stay longer in a place I like. So don't be shy, get in contact with me if you need a hand with something if your on or near my route, it will be greatly appreciated, as I much prefer to pay my way in anyway I can. About Volunteering


Just like every other adventurer, I of course welcome sponsorship from businesses or interests only. About Sponsorship