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A highly unlikely bicycle tourist, cycles out of Cheshire England to see the world, with his only route plan being;


“I’m going that way”



Stephen Peel

I had always wondered what it would be like to ride a bicycle around the world, and at 54 years old, a father and husband, I was lucky enough to finally give myself the opportunity to find out.

Lifting heavy weights in the gym and had worked physically hard in the building trade for the majority of my life, was as close to being an athlete as I was ever going to get, which was far from it. Being able to lift heavy things was fine, but I had no idea how that kind of strength could help or hinder on such a huge cycling adventure.  ​


At six feet tall and weighing a hefty 350 pounds, I was not a shape that most people would expected to see barrelling along the road on a fully loaded bicycle in exotic locations, and given my dimensions, the prospect of riding for hours every day for months or even years, was daunting yet seriously exciting. As far as I knew, I would be the heaviest man to ever set out on such an adventure.


​I had a lot more to consider than my size and lack of experience. Situational anxiety, PTSD, blood pressure through the roof, asthma, hypothyroidism, spine and nerve damage as a result of being run over by an articulated lorry some years earlier, would all have an impact. But despite those obstacles, I set out solo and self-financed on August 1, 2017 with not a single day of bicycle touring practice, no support network, and with no bicycle maintenance or repair experience, a complete novice. 


​Cycling in 12 countries, in heat and humidity, monsoon rains, freezing cold nights, and all sorts of hazards and setbacks that might have had many experienced able bodied cyclists half my age, throwing in the towel.


You are invited to read this compelling story of my determination to fulfil an inner calling for adventure, a quest filled with joys and super high points, as well as tears and frustrations at some very low points.


I would see things that nobody should ever see, and I would experience amazing and wonderful things that I might not have been able to see if I had travelled in any other way.


I was most definitely, a highly unlikely bicycle tourist.  

A highly unlikely bicycle tourist


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