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Amazon Books release expected before August 14

The link button on these listings is to Amazon UK. You might find things easier to check Amazon Books in your country of residence. Just type: A highly unlikely bicycle tourist into your countries Amazon Books search bar 


Compatible with Kindle and .mobi devices.

74,000 words in 14 chapters with 70 full-colour images

Reflowable structure with interactive table of contents



Paperback and perfect bound

228 High-quality pages, with 74,000 words and 70 greyscale images

Professionally formatted styling for a great looking layout and comfortable reading in a 6x9 sized book





View the whole of chapter one by simply clicking the paperclip and downloading the free PDF
It is a direct link, so no external sites to connect to, it's right here for your security and privacy
I'm in no doubt you will love it!
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A highly unlikely bicycle tourist in other book formats


I was asked early on if I would also produce the book in full-colour paperback and full-colour hardcover, and also in the ePub eBook format, and across other companies.


I was a little reluctant at first due to the cost of full-colour printing, especially with a book with 70 images and 228 pages, but I liked the idea of the images being in colour, so I went ahead

Here are those other formats. I have done my best to keep the price as low as I possibly can, but the cost of full-colour printing and a hardcover version is out of my hands. I appreciate that few people will be able to afford - or want to pay - those prices, but I thought I'd at least make those versions available

Hardcover - Colour

Probably the most beautiful book style is the hardcover. 228 High-quality pages and 70 full-colour image

Kobo - eBook

Not everyone uses Kindle .mobi, and for those that don't, but do like eBooks, here's the ePub version available for Kobo Reader or through the Kobo app for tablet, desktop and smartphones

Paperback - Colour

228 High-quality pages and 70 full-colour images

Google Play - eBook

Not everyone uses Kindle .mobi, and for those that don't, but do like eBooks, here's the ePub version available for Google Play Books related devices and apps for desktop, tablets  and smartphones

ePub - eBook

Not everyone uses Kindle .mobi, and for those that don't, but do like eBooks, here's the ePub version for iPad, iPhone, Nook, Sony reader and more

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My other project



Cycling Journal

I have created this great Journal and Log Book for you to record your cycling adventures. It has all the input sections I would have loved on my own bicycle tour, and that I will be using on my next to record everything I can


200 pages / 100 double-sided pages for daily tour inputs including page number, date, weather, location, from, finish, distance day, distance total, longitude, latitude, elevation, maintenance, repair, notes, where I stayed price and facilities, who I met and contact details, point of interest and location

Details for bike, gear, contacts, simple world map for you to add detail, and conversion charts including miles to km, wheel sizes, frame sizes, tyre pressures, pounds to kg, temperature chart. 

100 Original images which I captured during my 16-month tour. Each small greyscale image is designed to add a little more interest to each double-sided page. The images have been lightened so that notes can be written over them