Cycling Around the World

Wild Camping

I’m new to Wild Camping, and as an adult I have never camped solo. When I was a young teen in Australia, I used to run away from home a lot, but being without camping equipment over night as a child in the Australian bush, is definitely not ideal.

I have to admit to being a bit apprehensive about Wild Camping. I can get spooked after watching a horror movie, so god only knows what I will be like in the middle of some woods, jungle, or desert somewhere in the world on my own. I believe common sense will be the key. For instance, it wouldn't be a great idea to camp out on packice in a sealskin sleeping bag if there might be Polar Bears in the area, or to set up the tent at waters edge at low tide

I am quite handy and can take care of myself, so aggressive people don’t really bother me too much, other than bring my mood down. But animals and bugs are something else. A creature creeping around my tent in the middle of the night will no doubt sound horrific and conjour up all kinds of crazy images.

Getting into my tent when it’s pitch black, only to find I brought a critter in with me would be bad news! Earwigs I hate. I mean I really hate them more than any other creature. Second to Earwigs are bears. I really don’t like bears. Their emotionless faces and the way they eat things without killing them first. So whatever you do, if you want to surprise me one night with a visit, don't! It will only end in tears

Well there it is, a big strong guy like me, six feet tall and built like a brick shithouse, is scared of the dark Well not that scared, just a little apprehensive. But very soon on this adventure I’m just going to have to get used it. I might even love it and I think I will, just as long as I can get a wash and keep clean. I do sleep really soundly and can go out like a light. My snoring will likely keep most predators away for miles around, unless it replicates the mating call of some crazed wild beast.

My own experience on tour

Well now that I have been on my tour for some time, and have spent a few nights wild camping, I'm still not there yet. After a long day solo cycling, speaking to nobody, the last thing I want to do is spend the night alone hidden in the bushes in my tent.

For those who travel with others, it would be great, and a huge difference to wild camping solo. Having another person or persons there when wild camping and its like being on a campsite. You can chat, have a laugh, cook food together, and even argue if you need to, so wild camping solo is completely different to wild camping solo, completely different.

If I had a partner with me, I would have no problem wild camping every day, but after a whole day alone, I do need to feel there are people around, so I aim for campsites. That said, I haven't been on a campsite yet that has been quiet enough for me to get a good nights sleep, and sometimes I have craved a good wild camping spot.

Its funny, but I have always found the best wild camp spots in the morning when I don't need one :) Its true, but the time I need one at tea time, I can't find one :)

Maybe one day I will prefer wild camping solo to being around people, but not yet.