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Tent for Touring

After doing months of research and going through countless WebPages in search of the best lightweight and roomy tent for me, I decided that the Hubba Hubba NX 2 Person 3 Season Tent was it.

It was the tent that kept coming up throughout my searches as the most popular for cycle touring and backpacking, due to its space, durability, and weight.
Height inside was very important, not because I'm 6ft, but because I just want to be able to sit up and move around and just try to feel at home, as this will in fact BE my home for most of each week when I can't find cheap or free digs.

It had to be really light, yet strong, and be freestanding. I'm made up with it and it has been purchased and will be here in a few days. I will give a full review once I start to actually use it.

So how has it done
Well I have now been using this tent and the gear shed attachment for 3 months, and I love it. It's all really light and easy to set up, and the zips are ll good, no bugs getting in, and it dries out quickly too. Just love it, even though it cost about £500 with the gear shed attachment.

The gear shed has proven itself to be so useful without being too heavy. If I can't find anywhere to camp and lock my bike to a tree or something, I put up the gear shed in minutes and put my bike inside it out of sight.

The gear shed is also great for throwing all my kit in to give me more room in the tent, and I can also leave all my wet gear in the shed too.

And no, I didn't get my tent for free and I get nothing from MSR, I'm just made up with the tent.