Cycling Around the World

Talks and Lectures

Image by Stephen Peel

I notice that virtually all World Cyclists and Adventurers offer talks or lectures, and I feel I would like to also do something similar as a way of helping others to live their own dreams. I appreciate that I have yet to take on my cycle, but I am confident it will happen. 

And even now, my life thus far is a great start and talking point, as I have experienced things you would find hard to believe. Most of the people offering talks have lived lives unlike my own, and that's where my own talks will be unique and interesting, and for ordinary people from ordinary backgrounds. Showing that an adventure like this, is indeed available to anyone willing to work for it.

I'm a working class guy, my dad was a bricklayer, mum a housewife, no university degree, no wealthy family, brought up in council flats in Salford Manchester England before migrating to Australia on the £10 Passage, and again in council properties in Lancashire and Cheshire when we returned. No inheritance on the way, and everything I have achieved and done, I done for myself. I'm middle aged now, and not in great health. I was run over by a lorry and have permanently damaged spine, hip, shoulder, neck, elbow. Nerve damage to pretty much the whole of my right side, as well as asthma, hypothyroidism, take prescription only meds for nerve damage and pain, and testosterone to help with maintaining bone density as a result of the accident. Apart from that, I'm a picture of health :)

I now own my own house outright with no mortgage, which I have worked hard all my life for, and which I will be selling in order to afford this adventure and to have no maintenance headaches while away. I will be putting the proceeds from the very ordinary house, into the bank to hopefully get enough interest to cover my personal items and furnishings in storage. I do not have an income while away for those years, and no sponsors or funding, and if anything happens to me - god forbid - while away, I will have to fend for myself and get myself out of any scrapes. 

I have never wild camped on my own before and never been on a cycle tour. I have never cycled more that 30 miles in one day, and I only did that once. It took me 4 Lion Bars to keep going for the 30 miles :) Overweight, out of condition, health the pits, but I will do this. And in doing so I will show those who think they are too ill, not from a well-to-do family, too old, no support network, no income while away, and whatever other excuse they can come up with, that they can indeed do it. It might not be when they are young, as from a working class background it's just not that easy due to having to bring money into the household and not having the financial support for such an adventure, but a chance will come, even if it's not until later in life.

I have never let any of the above, stop me from doing everything I have wanted to do. A don't blame my bad childhood, working class background, or even daylight saving :). I blame nobody, as I am glad I have lived the life I have lived, mostly. All my achievements are my own, and I owe nobody anything for it. I have traveled all over the world, loved many times, and have fathered the two most amazing daughters, who are now young adults. It's all good.

Yes, I think I have something to talk about, I think I could keep your interest and even inspire you.