A lifelong dream
Adventurer & Photographer 

Stephen Peel

To circumnavigate the world on a bicycle

This kit page will include kit I have purchased before leaving and out on the road. It will also include costs, such as Visa's, flights and other forms of travel I will have to use in order to get to and from some countries or destinations. I'm not going to be what you might think of as a serious budget traveler, as I do want a really good bike, but will be planning on wild camping, camp sites, and cheap digs once or twice a week in the West, but in the East hope to be in cheap digs most nights. So any advice on kit will be most welcome. 

I'm no Spring Chicken and require at least a little comfortable, and so will be getting the best gear for me, not necessarily the cheapest. I have never been in a position to be able to buy the best equipment for anything in my life, other than tools for my trades, so I'm going to make the most of it while it lasts :)

Monthly Background Costs


Cloud Storage
Storage for my belongings because I don't know anyone that can store my things

 Total Monthly Costs at Home

Purchased Items below, will not include camera equipment. Camera equipment is something I require regardless of the cycle, and to include it as a part of the total costs would be unfair really. Information on the camera equipment will be given separately.

Purchased Equipment 
KOGA World Traveller Signature
Telescopic Fishing Rod and Tackle
  Total Equipment Purchases

This next table will include living costs, visa's, travel, food, hotels, repairs, and so on. This will be quite hard to update and I will likely have to keep a paper daily diary in order to update this table when I get the chance. It will likely not be down to penny, but will hopefully be fairly close. 

Daily Expenses