Cycling Around the World

Joby GorillaPod Focus Tripod

I bought this thing to save space, as it hangs off all sorts of things so no need for a full size tripod in a lot of situations. I was a bit suspicious of how it would handle in my rough mitts, but it feels really tough, as no doubt it would be broken by now. I couldn't resist, I had to hang it to this while passing. The Ballhead X which is the top attachment, is multi-adjustable and solid. It's about 1kg in weight, but so much easier to store than a telescopic tripod. So far I'm happy Joby should pay me for this

After a bit of use on my tour

So I have been using this for part of my cycle, and the problem I have is that I hardly use it and it is therefore extra weight that takes space up in my panniers. That said, I'm thinking of taking it back out with me again because I need a tripod. Especially now that I am finding myself with more time to take more pictures. I could always just wrap it around my bike frame out of the way. But again, I'm really trying to keep things lighter for when I have to fly between countries. If it was only half the weight. Other than that its great.