Cycling Around the World

Is it Easy to Just Get up and Go

You will see posts on sites that tell you how easy it is to just get your bike out, any old bike, put a tent and sleeping bag on the back, and start cycling on your around the world cycle. These are usually comments posted from people who have never actually done it that way, and maybe don't even know anyone else that has done it in such a basic way either.

I would love to hear from someone who has honestly actually done it this way

I suppose in theory it would be possible of course, but I struggle to imagine those people actually exist. I have never heard of a single sole that has simply put a tent and sleeping bag on their bike and cycled completely around the world, with virtually no money, no nothing!

That said, to just decide to go on a cycle tour somewhere would be quite different, for example: I would find it really easy to just lock my door and take off around the UK, no passport needed, no visas, no injection against tropical bugs, no travel insurance, a phone call away from a lift back home, etc... 

Even to go on a few weeks or months on a cycle tour around Thailand or Europe would be fairly easy to do, again it would be simple case of locking the door behind you and arranging everything you need for that one zone. Enjoy everything, and return home to the same life, job, house, everything. It would just be a holiday.

If you live with your mum and dad, then of course it would be very much easier to just get up and go, but as an adult who has long since left home, not so easy.

To be spending what could be many years away, through many different countries and cultures, needing different visas and so on, while being able to survive financially, takes a lot more planning if you are an adult who is no longer living at home, and even IF still living at home for that matter.

So if you know of anyone that has just put a few things on their bike and cycled around the world with virtually no money, prep, support, or anything really, please let me know and I will add the details and their info.