Cycling Around the World

It all depends on how you look at it and what you want from a particular route or road, but according to some, here are some great rides. I will update it if and when I get the chance, and if you have other routes, contact me

Great Cycle Routes

Pacific Coast Highway

Cycling the Pacific Coast Highway is dream for more cyclists than any other route. And it was easy to see why when I was driving along it on my way from LA to San Francisco.

It was stunning, clean, and the roads were mostly smooth. But the views and things to see along the way were something else. I can't wait to cycle this road.

It can take a month or more to cycle, but what a fantastic cycle it would be. I think the big plus's are that the route is in a part of the world with not much in the way of trouble going on. Food is familiar and available everywhere on route.

Camp sites abound, and if you don't fancy those, wild camping is a pretty safe option compared to some other countries. A must cycle route for every keen cyclist.

Ev12 - North Sea Cycle Route

The North Sea Cycle Route is a 6.200 km long.  And you will visit Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England and Scotland. 

In may 2003 the route was awarded a Guinness record certificate for the world’s longest cycle route. Obviously on a route like this, it isn't continuous, there is water to cross or go under, but an amazing route all the same.

El Camino de la Muerte - "Death Road" Bolivia

With drops in some places as high as 1000m, wagons and cars taking up the whole of the road, death just a loose stone away, and as many as 300 deaths a year,this road rates as one of he most dangerous in the world, if not the most dangerous.

But you know, I may have to include this in my own cycle because it would be thrilling and not too far off my route. Maybe! I may have to hug the cliff face all the way along though.

They say the second worst road in the world is the one attached to this one. There is the North Yungas Road, and the South Yungas Road, and the are rated by many as the worst and second to worst roads in the world.

YouTube Video - Top Gear taking on the Yungas Road

Highway 1 - Australia

At over 14000 km Australia's Highway 1 is one of the longest in the world.

But it also offers some amazing scenery and circles the whole country. The down side is, that you will need a year or even much longer if you want to make the most of it, to include any detours and to see some great sights.

If circumnavigation is a bit much, The Great Ocean Road section is one of Australia's most famous and scenic roads to cycle, and is a 243 km long stretch on the South Eastern coast.

The downsides on a lot of the long reaches of road, are that there is nothing much out there but dust and flies until every now and again you see something to divert your eyes from the endless road in front you.

I was brought up in Western Australia, and believe me, I know what I am talking about here.

Cerro de la Muerte (Mountain of Death) - Costa Rica

Excessive potholes, steep, narrow curves, and plenty of fog. The road’s height (13,000 feet) can also cause altitude sickness. Lorry drivers also don't care too much about anyone in their way either so it seems.

The road was named Mountain of Death due to the amount of people who died trying to cross this area, before the road was built, not because of the amount of people killed on the road, although there has been plenty.

The Great Divide - USA

One of the best for off-pavement riding that is.

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is a remote route with great scenery. Mostly it is dirt-road and mountain-pass riding. 

From Banff in Canada to New Mexico in the USA, it is 2745 miles long.

Grand Trunk Road - Afghanistan to India

Stretching over 3000 km, Grand Trunk Road is one of Asia's oldest and longest roads. It is dangerous because of everything that is going on, not because of the state of the roads.

Many have lost their lives due to the state of the roads, many more have lost their lives due to the heavy crazy traffic. Animals, people, vehicles, you name it, will all cross your path without warning. They say the trick is to be in no rush, just enjoy the people and the place.

Molesworth Road - New Zealand 

At 320 km it will take a few days to cover, so camping gear is in order as there isn't much around otherwise.

Open to the public between December 28 and April 1.

Ruta 5 – Chile

Chile Highway 5 or Route 5 known locally as Ruta 5 is Chile's longest route, 3,364 kilometres (2,090 mi). It is part of the Panamerican Highway.

The surrounding landscape of the road, in the Chile's Atacama Desert, is almost featureless making concentration extremely difficult and thick fog often descends on the road.

I suppose it all depend how you look at this one, its long and likely pretty dull, it is dangerous because of sleepy drivers which have taken out quite a few cyclists, but it is said by many cyclists to be something special too.

Route des Grand Crus - France

"With rolling hills, wooded paths, and expansive vineyards, the “Road of the Great Wines” offers close to 800 kilometers of leisure biking and it promises bikers the best way to explore Burgundy’s finest vineyards and wineries."

Halsema Highway - Philippines

Also known as the Mountain Trail, it is 150 km long between Baguio and Bontoc in Mountain Province. and reaches  2, 255 meters above sea level. For this reason, it is officially the highest altitude highway in the Philippines–even higher than Mt. Banahaw’s peak.

Rock falls are one of the worst problems, more so than the traffic, but they are both bad. Beautiful scenery though.

Australia's Canning Stock Route

"Water along the Canning Stock Route is scarce, resupply points are nonexistent, and the soft and corrugated sand of the dual-track makes for slow and difficult riding. The lack of supplies requires unsupported riders to transport food for 30 to 35 days and as many as five days worth of water. "

Well, that's what is said, and you have to believe that this is possible and make sure you pack enough just in case. I was brought up in Perth in Western Australia, and I can tell you that there is nowhere else on Earth you will feel more isolated.

I have driven and flown up the West Coast to some amazing places, and most of it was harsh and would be a daunting experience on a bike. Cycling alone the Canning Stock Route would be amazing, and has been done a few time now successfully.

I wouldn't mind having a go myself. Snakes, flies, spiders and all manner of nasty awaits you, but wow, what a challenge. A road bike would be out of the question, as it really isn't a tarmac road or a road with a hard surface for most part, so a MTB with fat tires or a Fatbike are the only real options.

EuroVelo 8 (EV8)

Still to fully completed, this highly anticipated route will give riders a great look at some fantastic Mediterranean countries.

5,900 km (3,700 mi) long from Cadiz in Spain, to Athens in Greece, then on to Cyprus, and through ll countries.

Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Cyprus.

Wuling Hill Climb - Taiwan

A challenging climb through Taiwan’s mountainous interior to the highest road point in NE Asia at 3275m. 

Starting from Yilan, the Hehuanshan – East Approach ascent is 169 km long. Over this distance, you climb 2998 height meters. 

The Hehuanshan Road leads most of the way up the mountain to Wuling, a saddle between the Main Peak and the East Peak of Hehuanshan. Wuling is the highest point on the island of Taiwan accessible by public roads

I think the decent would be something else as well.

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