Cycling Around the World

Give up Everything to Travel?

Giving up everything to travel may suit some people, but not everyone. If it is what you really want to do and really feel with all your heart that you should do, and it won't seriously harm anyone in the process, do it. 

Giving up everything to some, can simply mean taking time out from their job, and then going back to it when they come back a few weeks months, or a year or two later.

To others it could mean giving up a relationship, their house, job, car, all material possessions, and receiving no income while on their travels and nothing at all to come back to, having to start all over again. 

What “giving up everything” means to one person, may not be what it means to another. We are all very different, our feelings are different, we value things and even people differently. We all feel very differently about most things.

You don't have to "give up everything", you can take short breaks of a few weeks or a month or two at a time instead of disappearing for years in one go. 

You could save up enough money in the life you have, to take time out once in a while to see the things you want to see or do the things you want to do. 

If your dream is to walk across India but you can't take a few months out to do it and you want to risk nothing, you could do it in stages instead, and you will still cross India on foot. 

I have to admit, I have never been one for doing things in parts. This would not suit me at all, but it might suit you.

It all boils down to what YOU want to do and how YOU want to do it. The beauty is, it really is up to YOU.