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Crabs in a Bucket

If your going to have people in your life, make sure they are the right ones


The Right Kind of People

Having the right people in your life is important. The right kind of people will encourage you, make you feel good and help you to thrive. You can be yourself around them. They won’t be jealous of what you do or what you have. They will be happy for you and sad for you when you are sad. They won’t wish you to fail, they will hope you succeed, and maybe help you succeed. 

These people are precious and should be treated as such. They are not as common as you may think, and if you have a few people like that, you are truly blessed. Some close family members and friends will be a bit worried for you or be a bit sad you are leaving, and maybe even try to talk you out of it, but that is completely different and totally understandable.

The Wrong Kind of People

Crabs in a Bucket. I had never heard this before, but basically: When you have a bucket full of crabs and one of them makes it to the top of the bucket and is almost free, another crab will grab it and pull it back down. That about sums up the wrong kind of people.