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India - Mumbai to Trivandrum and the Monsoons

I will soon be in India and cycling the nearly 2000 km's from Mumbai to Trivandrum.

It's going to be monsoon season, so I'm obviously expecting a lot of rain, strong winds, but plenty of smiles.

I'm hoping that camping will be limited, if at all, but will take my camping gear just in case. I hope to find cheap digs along my route. I appreciate it's going to be out of holiday season, but I'm still hoping there will be ample available places to rest up.

The inside net section of my tent will come in handy if I end up in digs that are crawling, as I could always set my inside tent up in the room.

Having been to India before and driven a car there, I know a little of what to expect from the roads, and riding at night will be out! Getting used to riding on the left will be strange, especially after touring for so long on the right.

I will be keeping fairly close to the coast in India once I'm a couple of weeks down from Mumbai, and expect that due to plenty of rained off days and conditions, it may take me up to 6 weeks to complete.

Anyone who has cycle toured this stretch, and especially between June and August, please feel free to leave your input, as I always welcome good advice.

India Update

A week on Wednesday at 11am I arrive in Mumbai - May 30 - and I'm really looking forward to it as it's another continent and it's what I've had in my mind since I planned this tour, although I hadn't planned on cycling through any rainy seasons.

I cycle out of the airport for 25 km's to some digs I've booked for couple of nights to adjust, get a sim card and some other supplies before heading down the NH66 highway.

My cycle through Europe was great, but as I live in Europe it never really felt like I had got that far from home. I had rain forests and exotic landscapes in my mind, places with foods and customs far removed from my own, although I do visit a great Keralan restaurant in Liverpool from time to time and I've been to Wigan 🙂

Due to it being the rainy or monsoon season, I have no outward flight booked from India due to not knowing how long it will take me to cycle the west coast down to Trivandrum in Kerala.

It could be that I'm hold up for days at a time until the rains clear,
meaning it could take me a couple of months to reach Trivandrum in the south, or it could be that it rains just an hour or two a day and I manage a good distance each day.

It's really hard to predict, as I haven't heard from anyone who has cycled down the length of the west coast of India in monsoon season.

I have heard from people cycling the whole of the west coast during the dry and tourist season when everything is open, but this will be completely different no doubt. I loved my previous visit to India, but that was in the holiday dry season.

My Visa is for multiple entry until late Jan 2019, so it could be that if I'm enjoying it I may just reach the bottom of India and continue up the other side, or maybe the rain is getting me so down that I stick my bike in storage and exit to somewhere dryer until the weather picks up, who knows.

One thing is for sure, I feel very luck that I have the choices and that I'm living this amazing adventure.

Image is from a previous trip to Lighthouse Beach in Kerala with my wife Sue.

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