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Best and Worst Countries and Cities for Cycling

After weeks of searching the internet for the best and worst, I have created this page to assist other and as an interest. These aren't my choices, and they are not necessarily the right ones, maybe you know better, let me know.

Ultimately though, you will have your own ideas of the best and worst, and what has been a bad experience for one, maybe an amazing experience for another.

Share with us your own experiences

USA is said to be the most dangerous country for cycling

At number one according to many, is the USA for being the most dangerous country for cycling. It would seem that a cycle accident is not taken as seriously as a motor accident.


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Florida is said to be the most dangerous USA State

In 2012 some 120 cyclists were killed in traffic accidents across Florida. That is as many as were killed in Britain in the same year–a country with three times as many people as Florida and a lot more cyclists. Florida’s death rate for cyclists is three times higher than the national rate.

Portland, Oregon is said to be the best city for cycling and cyclists in the USA

"Portland is a great place to ride for any reason, or no reason at all!" So it is widely expressed.

I have to add

Although many have voted the USA as the worst country with regard to the safety of cyclists, I have still chosen the USA as my preferred first country after leaving the UK.

My reasons are that, the US speaks English, there will be food available just about everywhere and food I like, the scenery is amazing, if I get into trouble I know I will likely get help easier than say Iraq, there are campsites and places available for travellers all over the country, and if I need a repair on my bike I won’t be too far from a bike shop. The winds are best from East to West and the same goes for Australia, so going anticlockwise make obvious good sense.

I might be playing is safe for the start of my round the world cycle goes as far as the above is concerned, and as a way of me settling in to such an epic journey, but I am also aware that there are many dangers too, such as the traffic of which I have a huge fear of at this time.

If the USA is indeed the most dangerous country for cyclists, then I am really going in at the deep end, regardless of all the other plusses. I am hoping that most of those voters are wrong and I can show it is a much safer place. 

The Netherlands is said to be the safest and most cycle friendly country in the world

There are lot of reasons why the Netherlands is the safest place to cycle, and a big part of it is that the Netherlands employs a standards-based approach to road design, where conflicts between different modes of transport are eliminated wherever possible and reduced in severity as much as possible where elimination is not possible.

The result of this is that cycling is made both objectively and subjectively safe. Towns have been designed with limited access by cars and limited (decreasing over time) car  parking. The resulting heavy traffic and very limited car parking makes car use unattractive in towns.

  • The law works in favour of the cyclist here and in case of collision between a car and a cyclist, the driver's insurer is deemed to be liable to pay  the damages to the cyclist's property and their medical bills. There are conditions of course, but what this ultimately means is that drivers take extra extra care around cyclists.

  • "You’re more likely to die by drowning in the Netherlands than by cycling"

    Australia is said to be middle of the road, so to speak!

    I was brought up here, and I love the country and it's people. The wide open spaces and roads that are in amazing condition. I didn't like the flies that make there way to every damp spot on your face in droves. You will experience this yourself, it's the pits. A head net is a must.

    Aside from that little gripe, I know from experience that cyclists are taken care of pretty well, although there are some cities that are good, and some not so good. As in most countries.

    Sydney is said to be the worst city in Australia for cyclists

    Sydney is said to be the worst, with drivers getting pretty annoyed to the point of beeping and shouting, and even steering towards cyclists in an attempt to scare them, but sometime getting too close and accidents - if you can call them that - do happen this way, a lot so I am told. I myself didn't experience bad behaviour, but that was just me. Some say that because there are a lot of cycle lanes around Sydney, any cyclist straying from them will get it in the neck, and maybe that's what is happening, I don't know.

    Perth is said to be the best city in Australia for cyclists, and cycling

    I have to say that I have cycled a lot in Perth, and I loved it. I got my first road bike when I was in my early teens here and I used to set off an micro adventures with my mate or on my own. Perth is also the windy city and by late afternoon from my memory, the winds really pick up.

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    India has the most road fatalities in the word. 39% being pedestrians, cyclists, and bikers

    An amazing country with some colourful characters. I love India and cant wait to go back. It is easy to understand why India remains a country where people would love to cycle, but will be put off by horror stories and cultural differences. 

    When I first got in a car in India, I hadn't a clue where I was going, as I hadn't planned on being anywhere really. I asked a local guy if he knew where I could hire a car. He said I could borrow his own Suzuki Swift for £10 a day, and if I got pulled, to tell the police I was his friend.

    Within just 15 minutes of being on the road, I found myself in the middle of a busy city. There were cars and bikes and all forms of traffic coming at me from all angles. But you know, within just an hour of driving in this apparent madness, I felt safe, really safe. Maybe I shouldn't have done giving the statistics, and I appreciate that being in a car as apposed to being on a bike, might be a totally different ball game.

    It was like everyone had a force-field around them, with everyone giving way to everyone else, merging but not touching. Allowing each other some freedom without road rage. Cycles were weaving in and out and I honestly felt safer and less stressed on the roads in India, than I do in the UK. I can't wait to cycle it.

    Bangalore is one of the most pro-cycling cities in India

    It has narrow lanes which can be used as shortcuts, slow-moving vehicular traffic in most of the city roads, so less chance of being bumped by a cab driver, lots of trees still left despite the intentions of the government, nice weather (compared to elsewhere in India), and a huge cycling community both online and offline.

    Delhi is believed to be the most dangerous Indian city for cyclists, and pretty much anyone on the roads

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    UK is a real mixed bag. I live here now, and I can tell you the traffic is a nightmare

    That said, it is also a great place to cycle with some amazing scenery and plenty of facilities for the cyclist. I was overtook just the other day by a motorist while a wagon was coming the other way on a narrow road.As he passed he honked his horn several time, only just missing me as there wasn't much room to pass.

    I used to be employed by one of the UK's largest Infrastructure Service companies, as their TSCS (Traffic Safety and Control Officer. I worked mainly on high speed roads including the largest UK motorways. I have seen enough with regard to bad driving and congestion to know that the UK roads are nothing short of a nightmare.

    In 2006 while stood on the Hard Shoulder of the M6 overseeing a road closure, I was struck down by an articulated lorry and now suffer a shattered spine and a lot of other joint and nerve damage as a result. I was lucky to survive. I still have a fear of traffic today.

    I was talking to a cyclist in Rhyl on his way to Cambodia (I know right), and he was telling me that this is what it is like all the time in the UK. He was getting basically pushed off the road wherever he went and it made him very nervous.

    The UK is said to have the busiest roads in Europe.

    Bradford is said to be the worst cycling city in England

    But with few bike shops, low numbers of bicycling club members and a limited amount of cycle routes that are free from road traffic, it’s actually Bradford that is listed as the UK’s worst city for cycling – just worst, not dangerous.

    London is said to be the most dangerous city in the UK

    Most people wont be surprised by this, and it is believe that a lot of this is due to the amount of tourists and immigrants that either aren't used to the roads in London, or are living in London and haven't a clue how to drive and don't really care anyway. Myself, it's just one busy city and maybe a detour is the order of the day.

    Bristol is said to be the best city in the UK for cyclists

    It is believed that Bristol is the most accessible city in the UK. A few years ago, Bristol was named Britain’s first “cycling city” by the Department of Transport.

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    The Lower Mainland region of Canada is said to be the most dangerous for cyclists

    The Lower Mainland is a name commonly applied to the region surrounding and including Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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