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Being a Free Spirit is not always so easy!

Posted by Stephen Peel - Cycling Around the World on April 22, 2017 at 12:20 AM

Being a Free Spirit is not always so easy!

Without a doubt, I am a free spirit, and although free spirit sounds OK, it isn’t necessarily so. In fact, I often wish I wasn't like this, but over all I am really happy with who I am, it's who I am, and I sure wouldn't want to be anyone else.

Everyone wants a little freedom and to do something their own way, but that doesn't make them a free spirit. It wasn't so long ago that humans were nomadic, and the urge to travel and move on is still there just under the surface in all of us, and it's completely normal and does not make you a free spirit. Free spirits do not conform much to convention, and suppressing anything, including that nomad in us, will simply not do. 


Those who are not free spirits will obviously not understand what it feels like to be that way, and the same applies the other way around, as I often wonder what it would be like in the mind of someone who lives that "normal" and "typical" life. 

Some feel that you are reckless and should be conforming to the norm, and there is nothing wrong with life like that, Most people live like that and couldn't imagine living any other way. 

A conformist life is sometimes a lifestyle which free spirits wish they could live, but they just can’t. Well, they can, but they will never be truly happy. They will feel trapped by rules and social conventions. Ideally, being able to live the “normal” life while still getting those free spirit feelings satisfied would be perfect, but really not possible without some kind of treatment :) 

The lust for life is almost too overwhelming. It can be all consuming, sometimes to the point of being destructive. Free spirits aren’t jealous of what you have or how you live, they are happy for you that you are living the life you want to live, and can even respect that. After all, it’s all a free spirit wants too, just not in the same way as you do. They will push boundaries and even accept that this way of life might not result in a secure and stable future. They struggle with clingy or needy people, while at the same time want to be loved and appreciated just like everyone else.

It’s not about possessions or thing’s, it’s about feeling free and un-tethered. Put a wild animal in a cage and it will likely pace up and down, pull its hair or feathers out, and maybe even just roll over and die.

You can have a loving and happy relationship with a free spirit, even if you are not a free spirit yourself, but you have to understand that they need time to themselves once in a while. Time to do their own thing their own way. Not all the time, just sometimes. They respect that you want to live your own life your way, and demand the same respect in return. They will treat you as an equal that you are, and expect to be treated as an equal too. 

Above anything else, the free spirit longs to feel free. Not be free, as in without a partner, but just to feel they have choices they can make for themselves, and not be controlled or pushed. They long for a full and rewarding life, filled with adventure and travel, meeting new people and experiencing new things, and sharing their experiences with others, and would love nothing more than a partner to be able to share those experiences with.

Routine, now that's almost a dirty word to a free spirit. Routine in the short term is fine. Routine by choice is fine too, but if a free spirit is forced into routine without an end in sight, there will be tears, which is why so few free spirits will ever be content working 9 to 5 for someone else. The vast majority of free spirits are self-employed or change jobs quite often. The thought of this day, being exactly like a day a year from now, sends shivers up their spines. Nobody wants to feel trapped in a boring day to day life and job, nobody, but to the free spirit it is never going to happen, for long anyway.

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