An Absolute Beginner, no practice, no experience, not even a regular cyclist! I must be crazy :)
Stephen Peel

Stephen Peel

Cycling Around the World


“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal!” – Paulo Coelho


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I recently came upon a cycling forum thread in which I was the topic :), it was really quite strange to see people chatting about me online with regard to my bicycle tour, and flattering too. One comment which I found really funny: "Stephen Peel? Who the hell is Stephen Peel?" I didn't expect anyone to know who I was, not ever really.

I travel in search of adventure and the travel is a part of the adventure. On this adventure I'm attempting to cycle around the world solo, self-supported, self-funding, and have never cycle toured in my life. I'm not even a regular cyclist, it's not my hobby, I must be mad! I'm supporting a great local charity - JUMP Children's Charity - and I'm fully self-funding my own cycle tour. I suffer spine disabilities including extensive nerve damage to my right side, and I'm wanting to show that cycling touring is open to everyone. 

Live LIfe While Alive

Those close to me, and anyone who knows me, understand that I’m not one for planning too far into the future or content with living day to day or working 9 to 5, but I often wish I was, as it might be so much easier :)

In fact, I don’t remember ever having a 9 to 5 job because I have worked mostly for myself for most of my life with my own businesses. Everything I have done I have done myself, working hard for every little thing.

I have packed up, sold everything, given up so many things so many times, and even now in my middle age, I’m still on that same path, but it’s the path I have chosen, I like this path.

I have seen and experienced amazing things, and some of those things you might find very hard to believe.

I’ve been in love more times than I can count, a husband, more than once, a father, travelled all over the world, spent my 40th birthday in the middle of the Brazilian Amazon, surrounded by sharks in waist deep water in Australia, fallen out of a 100 foot tree onto my head (ah that explains it), and even run over by an articulated lorry. How I have survived this long is anyone’s guess :)

I’ve befriended people from all walks of life, genders, cultures, peoples, and I continue to do so, enriching my life and maybe adding a little colour to other peoples too.

Being working class, it’s not always easy to just get up and go, to pack a bag and head off into the unknown, because the chances are that bills need to be paid and the roof over your head needs to be maintained. There is nobody there to financially support you or provide you a roof if you fall.

Everything you do or have achieved has or will be off your own back, through hard work and perseverance. The risks therefore are really quite great, but at the same time this makes your achievements and rewards even greater.

Sat here typing this, in complete comfort, a kettle a few metres away in the kitchen, food in the cupboards, a huge flat screen TV, a warm comfortable bed, my car and my children and loved ones, friends and family all around me and close by, it would be easy to just fall into this wonderfully comfortable way of life once more, build a business once more, buy some more junk, eat until I burst. But not for me, not yet.

I’m excited about my return to the road soon, with myriad adventures and experiences still to come, and I will no doubt, always continue to live life while alive.
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“A man (more genders click here) must find time for himself. Time is what we spend our lives with. If we are not careful we find others spending it for us. . . . It is necessary now and then for a man to go away by himself and experience loneliness; to sit on a rock in the forest and to ask of himself 'Who am I, and where have I been, and where am I going?' . . . If one is not careful, one allows diversions to take up one's time—the stuff of life.”

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JUMP Children's Charity

I'm supporting JUMP Children's Charity and thanks to you we have raised £383 so far. Thank you

Donate Here This link takes you to my dedicated Just Giving Page for JUMP

Every penny donated goes to JUMP Children's Charity. I am self-funding my own cycle and receive no money from the Charity, so please donate if you can

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A little encouragement from some well known world cyclists and adventurers

We choose to do things...not because they are easy, but because they are hard...

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" Fantastic stuff, Steve.....Good luck with the preparations :)" Tom Allen. Tom has completed a lot of great adventures and cycled all over the world and has a great website..

" Hi Steve....One can live real cheap in China and South East Asia as well as the Philippines. Central America is also cheap and one can get away with very little. " Leana Niemand. Is a World Cyclist and is still out there after nearly 10 years, 7 continents and more than 64 countries.

" Hi Stephen, what a great adventure awaiting you. Your daughters will be very proud! Are you still needing to sell your house before you begin? I'll happily share the link on my social media sites for you if you are! Al " Alastair Humphreys. Alastair has been very helpful and I am very grateful to him. I took him up on his kind offer to advertise my previous house on his own social medial sites. He has cycled completely around the world and now motivates others. Check out his website and his adventures, he has some great books and loads of great advice.

" Hi Stephen, .... I hope you make time to start some big cycling adventures. I set out for a cycle from Cairo to Cape Town in early April. All the best. Mark. " Mark Beaumont held the Guinness World Record for cycling round the world in 2008, and has achieved many other successes too. He did amazingly on his Cairo to Cape Town cycle, and is preparing to attempt to cycle completely around the world in just 80 in 2017.

"Always remember, it's your dream : ) So...I'd listen to your daughters! " Mathew Kephnes - Nomadic Matt, has cycled the world and traveled on many other types of adventures.

"Glad to have you on the team"   @Sony